Restaurant Review: Ramen Takara

So we went to Ramen Takara tonight and I have to admit, we will be critical! One of us have lived in Japan for a year, and the others have either frequently visited Japan and speak Japanese, or have gone around the world trying ramen from various countries.

Back to Ramen Takara. Atmosphere – tick!

2015-06-26 18.46.12

Menu – tick! It has a good variety of food and we even ordered a few little plates to share.

2015-06-26 18.46.25

The ramen – hmmmm….best I could give it is a pass. The egg was nice, the noodle was fine, the soup was very salty but I could accept it. If you have had ramen before you will know, one of the other major factor of the ramen is the pork! Comes with the order was two slices of chashu, I was very hungry that night so asked for extra order. First I was stunted by the price (right I saw that on the menu and wanted it anyway so I am not complaining). But what I am complaining about is the quality of it!!! I got 4 extra slices for a side order of chashu, and just about to enjoy them, I realise I couldn’t bite one through! It was really tough and very very chewy. None of the chashu I’ve eaten was this tough!

2015-06-26 19.31.23

Great disappointment by the ramen chashu, but all other food were adequate. Not that I will be rushing by in again, or recommend this place if you are looking for good ramen, which is their core product!


Restaurant review: Musashi (New Lynn)

This is the newest addition to the Musashi family, in saying that, the restaurant has been around for a little over a year to this newest eating suburb of New Lynn.

Having been to the Milford and St Heliers branches, I walked in expecting good food and good service. The menu is more or less the same as the other two Musashi restaurants, aside from some new addition to the menu which is probably more of a seasonal adjustment.

For starters, we ordered agedashi tofu (deep fried tofu), beef tataki, volcano tuna roll – which is flame-grilled tuna, avocado and cucumber roll, and dragon roll sushi – fresh-water eel, avocado and cucumber roll sushi. This is followed by a large combination sushi plate with snapper, salmon, tuna, scallops, prawns and Argentinian red prawns.

While we hoped all the cold dishes would come out first, we were disappointed that the tofu first arrived with beef tataki, then the volcano tuna roll served with the sashimi, and then dragon roll with other hot food. Despite the good quality food, the chef had forgotten to clean the Argentinian red prawns which means the back was full of sand. We asked for the remaining pieces to be cleaned and they were quick to apologise and not charged for the prawns.

As mains we ordered wagyu beef shabu shabu and lamb curry with udon. The lamb cutlets were slightly ordinary but when you serve it with udon, the curry udon became amazing! The wagyu beef shabu shabu came with four slices of beef only so sharing between three people was a challenge. We managed in the end, and we treasure every bite of it as it certainly wasn’t cheap!

Dinner came to $44 per person, excluding the prawns which we were not charged for, and the $30 deduction from the Entertainment Card discount. It was a full on meal and the three of us had gone from very hungry after a solid gym session, to being very full. I will go again, but only as a treat.

Sashimi moriawase (large assorted sashimi)

Sashimi moriawase (large assorted sashimi)