Food Review: Libby’s Free Range Pork Crack


Libby’s Free Range Pork Crackling

Pork Crackling! Yummo~!

Being an almost monthly Air New Zealand flyer, I saw the Air New Zealand’s January Kia Ora magazine did a small and very favourable review of Libby’s Free Range Pork Crack. And having eaten pork crackling since I was young, of course I had to try it!

I ordered 3 bags of 30g mixture – namely 1 small bag each of the available flavours – Au Naturel, Moroccan Spiced and Hot & Spicy. They also come in individual larger bag of 80g, or 3 bags of 30g of the same flavour.

Yes – the picture only showed two, because I devoured 1 whole bag immediately before even remembering to take pictures.

Definitely very tasty, crunchy, and you’ll need some good strong teeth to eat them! Personally my favourite is the Moroccan Spiced flavour, but only because I can’t eat very spicy food. If you can take the heat – hot & spicy is the way to go. There is a hint of fatty taste sometimes (which I personally dislike), but definitely more apparent in the Au Naturel ones than any others.

I do find the pork crackling a bit pricey. They will definitely be something I order when I have a very severe craving for them. You can order them directly at Libby’s Pork Crack website. Preordering may be required.


Cheat’s Sweet Egg Twist

Cheat's Sweet Egg Twist

Cheat’s Sweet Egg Twist


Last week an invitation came through at work asking for a small morning tea gathering with ethnic food. My favourite Cantonese snack is actually the Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle. But lacking the necessary tools and without much time, Christine Ho’s Sweet Egg Twist (Cheating version!) definitely helped. It’s so simple but delishes.


Nothing much to note this time, except watch the oil temperature – make sure it is super hot and ready for deep frying before dunking those wrappers in! Otherwise you ended up with ones that just don’t have the nice golden yellow color.