Nutella Brownie

This is as close to a paleo diet as you can get! Nutella and eggs are all you need. If you like to be more fancy, you are welcome to add some hazelnuts. Yup, no flour required!

1. Prepare hazelnuts by crushing them to half or quarter (fine crushed hazelnuts will disappear as you heat up your brownie). Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Crushed hazelnuts

Crushed hazelnuts

2. Warm/softens Nutella either by sitting jar in hot water bath, or scoop Nutella out of jar and heat with microwave.

Medium size jar 220g nutella

Medium size jar 220g nutella

3. For a medium size jar (220g) use four eggs. Beat eggs until it all gets white and fluffy, takes a good 5-6 min with an electric beater.

Beat four eggs until white and fluffy

Beat four eggs until white and fluffy


4. Empty the jar of Nutella into the eggs, fold gently until mixed thoroughly. Add in the hazelnuts.

Fold nutella into whipped eggs, then add nutella

Fold nutella into whipped eggs, then add nutella

5. Pour mixture into pan lined with baking paper and put into oven set at 180 degrees Celsius.

2015-05-13 20.13.05


6. Takes about 15 min to cook. Checking by sticking a skewer through. For a thoroughly cooked brownie the skewer should be dry.

2015-05-13 20.33.16


7. Once ready take it out of oven and cool before cutting.


2015-05-13 20.55.35

8. Feel free to sprinkle icing sugar on top. Can be served with yoghurt, whipped cream, cream, ice cream, strawberries, addition nuts…etc etc. Enjoy 🙂


Ruth Pretty’s ‘Diet-be-damned’ Brownie

As titled, these brownies I made in 2009 really was ‘Diet-be-damned’. But of course I didn’t eat ’em all! I only wanted to bake, afterall 😉

The recipe makes 40 squares. The version of recipe I was given came from the book Ruth Pretty’s Favourite Recipe (pg 133).

In the absence of any photos, you can find an online version of the recipe here:

Have fun~