Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream – Kowloon, Hong Kong

Today I visited Lab Made, Asia’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream shop. Look at the queue!









Well, actually… because I live close by, I visit the store everyday.

Ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen is the smoothest you’ll ever taste. At -196°C , it freezes so fast that there is no time for large ice crystals to form. Liquid nitrogen ice cream takes only 60 seconds to make while commercial ice cream takes at least 10 minutes.







Since liquid nitrogen is so cold, you can pretty much pick any flavour or use any ingredients you like. It will just freeze everything.

Lab Made offers new ice cream flavours each week. Check out the latest flavours:









Notice the special Flavour A –  black ice cream with the question mark? Lab Made is fundraising for a social enterprise called Dialogue in the Dark. According to the group’s description:

Dialogue in the Dark is a very successful social enterprise originated in 1988 in Germany by Andreas Heinecke, PhD. It harnesses the talents and skills of people who are visually impaired to inspire the physically capable.

Dialogue in the Dark sparks thoughts that dissolve old mindsets, exposing you to new people and a new world. You begin to question your assumptions as you experience new limits. Meeting ambassadors of a little-known subculture initiates a dialogue, which endures beyond your time inside the exhibition.”









Anyway, the point is that the ice cream is black so you won’t know the flavour until you try it.









The scoop on the top is taro flavour. The scoop at the bottom is blueberry.







This one is Tong But Lut flavour, one of my favourite. Tong But Lut is a famous Chinese dessert made from peanut, coconut, sesame and glutinous rice.

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

*Warning, please note that liquid nitrogen is very dangerous. Read about it here:

I’ve heard along the grapevine that if liquid nitrogen is poured on a person’s head, that person will be killed instantly as his/her brain will literally freeze. You gotta be worried for the workers in the ice cream shop since none of them were wearing any protective gear!


Fancy some Candy Floss? – Kaoshiung, Taiwan

This is what I call a REAL candy floss:


And this is how they are made:

[insert video here]

The shop claims that they are the first in Taiwan to make fancy candy floss like this.

Looks very amazing doesn’t it?

Having seen how they are made, I jumped on the chance to make some myself when I next saw a candy floss machine, hoping to amaze/surprise everyone around me:


I think I did amaze/surprise everyone in the end, but only because I had candy floss stuck to my clothes…and worst of all, faces of the people around me.

Location: The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan