Restaurant Review: Bedford Soda & Liquor


I never liked meatballs. To my surprise I went to this place which you’ll only be fed by meatballs and I absolutely loved it!

Let me correct myself, they too have other non-meatball type food, but they are just to compliment the meatballs. You need to have the meatballs.

Enough said. Let’s have a look at them:


This is the menu you scribble on

Yup, so pick a meat (3 balls per order), pick a sauce (or two), pick something to go underneath the meat, and pick some greens for a balanced meal! If you feel like sharing you can also order a Board of Balls (on the flip side of the menu, each other is 6 balls + 2 sauces) and have the “under balls” and “greens” as sides to share.  The results?

(yup I went twice recently!)

The ambiance? It’ s a great casual dining place which doesn’t take bookings. The ambiance is great but can be a bit noisy, so if you are looking for a quiet place to chat you might have to look elsewhere.

The food? Good overall but I have to say the quality is inconsistent. Well don’t get me wrong, the food is good on both accounts but having ordered same items on two separate visits allows me to compare the quality. For example, polenta (the white mushy thing in a bowl) tastes differently each time. Better the first time, too bland the second time. Then the signature beef balls, nicely cooked to medium the first time, second time it was too overcooked so slightly on the dry side. Same goes with the salad…you get the idea. It can taste a little different sometimes.

2015-11-07 21.23.44

More balls….sweet balls

Then we ordered some donut balls. They were actually very hard 😦 what happen to the fluffy little donut balls???

2015-11-19 18.58.16

We also ordered some sodas in my second visit. Nice and refreshing, but a tad too sweeeeeet. We ordered cocktails in the first visit and they were very mild (this is according to a non-alcoholic person!).

Although there were flaws in my experience at Bedford, it is still a place I’d recommend for a casual dining. Price is reasonable and food is still very good value for the money.

I’ll give it 3.5/5.

Bedford Soda & Liquor
Ponsonby Central, Shop 10, Cnr of Richmond Rd and Richmond Lane, Ponsonby, Auckland
Tel: 09 378 7362
Open Monday to Sunday from midday to midnight

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Bedford Soda & Liquor

    • BreadnButter Bunny says:

      Yup I think that’s a perfect number to try a few things, any more people than that (4 people) you will start to get duplicates of the meatballs. Their specials can be quite nice too so don’t forget to try those.


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