Restaurant Review: Casablanca Mediterranean Cafe and Bar

Sunday brunch is always enjoyable, especially when you are spending time with your family. It is a bliss. Today we went to Casablanca Cafe at Mt Wellington and were not disappointed.

2015-06-14 10.19.31

The environment was beautiful, relaxing couches and unique bronze tables that sets the Mediterranean atmosphere pretty well.

2015-06-14 10.20.46  2015-06-14 10.20.53

We ordered some soothing herbal tea to start the morning. The waiters were knowledgeable and happy to recommend a suitable tea to our taste. We ordered two different types of mint tea and a classic apple tea

One of the mint tea

One of the mint teas

The on to our food. I have to say we really enjoyed everything. We ordered Baked beans (first), Creamy Mushrooms (second), and French Toast (last photo). They were flavoursome and a great portion. So if you are only looking for a small bite for brunch, you might have to come back for a proper lunch or dinner.

2015-06-14 10.45.55 2015-06-14 10.46.03 2015-06-14 10.46.15

Don’t get me wrong though, there are plenty of smaller portion plates, sides, or you can share!

On a different day we came back for brunch. Citron Chicken Tagine and Casa Breakfast. Very generous portions and again interesting mix of flavours. The Chicken Tagine has a mild heat in it with the mix of its very aromatic citrus flavour. The breakfast was a little simple in comparison, and the feta cheese was very rich (couldn’t manage all four cubes).

B2015-09-03 11.13.30 2015-09-03 11.13.33

High recommend. Branch in Orewa and Sylvia Park.


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