Restaurant Review: @Bangkok

Cheap eats…ahhh so important! What would I do without you cheap eat restaurants!? I mean, who doesn’t like to go out for a little gathering with friends, but who can always afford $50 on food for a dinner all the time?

Tonight we were a large group of 13 including a toddler who was very happy to eat anything.

For the ease of sharing we split the table into two ends, so we were sharing things between 6 adults. We ordered a beef salad, raw prawn salad, a prawn tom yum soup in steamboat, green curry with pork, basil and beef stir fry and chicken pad thai. While the other half of the table has ordered a whole lemon and chili snapper, a tom yum beef noodle, basil and beef stir fry and duck green curry. We also ordered plenty of ugly rotti and few steamed rice to share.

2015-08-16 19.20.362015-08-16 19.20.28

The food were so good I only managed to take these two photos and then we dug in!

The beef salad end up being my favourite of the night. We asked for medium and it was just the right heat, while the beef were tender, mixes well with the cruntchy salads. The tom yum soup was a little sweet to my liking, and we think the coconut milk doesn’t do so well being cooked/heated continuously in this steamboat. Next time we would have just asked for it in a big pot.

Portion wise I would recommend no more than 6 people to share each plate, because it all end up being 1-1.5 piece of every plate. Excellent for tasting or if you are not too hungry; but if you are, aim for 1-1.5 plate per person.

Price range: $25-30 for a shared meal with BYO wine and a few beers for most.
Address: 438 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland 1021.
Parking: street parking or car park just before the restaurant.
Booking: recommended if you don’t want to be disappointed! Plenty of people have called and dropped in to pick up takeaway throughout the night too.


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